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Diné Solar Revenue

The tax revenue benefit to the Navajo Nation from the solar power plant will be millions annually, adding a signifigant source of income to the current Navajo Nation annual spending budget.

The Cost of Solar

The big issue with solar energy has been the cost. The Dine solar power plant is expected to generate electricity at 12 cents to 14 cents per kilowatt-hour, which is about 20 percent more than the cost of the other electricity that APS generates with its mix of nuclear, natural gas, and coal. But note that since the price of the fuel is free, it's a 30-year contract with one big source of risk eliminated. If natural gas prices increase or if coal-fired power is made more expensive because of climate-change legislation, the CSP power could end up being one of the lowest-priced forms of electricity on the market. Business's want to diversify there sources of supply. Right now the price is attractive. And you factor in the possibility of natural gas prices rising or any carbon legislation, we'll look back in five years and think this was an absolute grand-slam home run.



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